Fleet Graphics

epic decal fleet graphics
We do fleet graphics right.

Epic Decal provides complete design of fleet graphics, and installation within our service area

Design. Cut. Install.

Use our design services and we’ll ship you decals—ready to install. If you’re in our service area, Melbourne, Palm Bay and Viera Florida, we’d love to manage your fleet graphics needs. Identifying your vehicles and making them stand out can be simple, economical and painless. Promote yourself with professional grade vinyl decals.

Our Work

Clean design for fleet

Use the visibility of your vehicles to communicate who you are. We look at fleet graphics as another way to advertise, another opportunity for you to spread your message and be seen. Fleet should be consistent, but that doesn’t mean boring. Just like your web and social media, you need to change things up and keep it fresh.

Rolling billboards

Your vehicles are on the road, day in and day out. They’re often the face of your company. What do your cars and trucks say about you? Are you leading edge quality or Sanford & Son? Every time I see a raggedy truck rolling through Brevard County, Florida, I hear their theme song. Perceptions are important and we think you can up your game by taking care of your fleet. When you consider what it costs to run an ad in local media, the price of cleaning up your fleet is trivial.

Consistent professional design

Fleet means more than one vehicle, and when we work with multiples, consistency is critical. And we have serious design skills. Look through the site for examples—you can see that our work is clean and we pull off some complicated, multi-color designs as well. We can add reflective and conspicuity tapes as well for high visibility. When you think of fleet graphics, Make it EPIC.

Quantity means discount

With multiple vehicles, we design once. Crafting multiple sets of the same decals is done at discounted, wholesale pricing. Contact us for a quote and you’ll see that we’re serious. We want your business and prove ourselves with each job.

Quality materials


We use Oracal­® products to ensure quality, but can source just about any product. They’ve proven themselves to us and we have several grades to choose from. To stay in your budget, 651 is our go-to economy vinyl. For most vehicles, we prefer Oracal 751 and 951 is top of the line. All three products are “cast vinyl”, meaning they are one color through and through.

Life Expectancy

We’ve all seen old vinyl on signs and trucks. Poor quality vinyl cracks and peels. It tells you when it’s time to be replaced. There are no guarantees with vinyl as so many conditions are out of our control. Exposure to the elements degrade any product and vinyl is no different. Vinyl manufacturers provide a calendar rating system that tells you the life expectancy of each product. 651 is rated for 6 years, 751 for 8 years and 951 for 10 years. In Florida sun and heat, it’s realistic to change them earlier. We’re big fans of changing out your graphics, like an advertising campaign. And with cut-vinyl the process is simple and easy to change just one part of the design.

Epic Decal loves Oracal® vinyl and we’ve confident that this is the material to use for your vehicles. We’ve seen how it wears and prefer it to printed vinyl and wraps. For us, cut vinyl is brilliant, bold and looks electric in the Florida sun. We’ll take it any day over a wrap. Given the cost savings, speed of install and ability to remove and replace, it’s why we created Epic Decal around this product.

Contact us today and see what we can do for your vehicle.